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By: Dr Fahim Akhtar Nadwi

Custodianship with authority does great work. This brings lot of benefits as well loss too means politics of good and goodness showers blessings and merciless and greedy politics brings destruction. Might be because of this reason knowledgeable and religious people are away from it, thus work in the political field is nominal, and steps towards politics were also very few.

This scenario is still existing and there is always a difference of opinion about politics… But no body denies the importance of politics and nothing can be done with out political power, so those who are capable and got strength enters politics and people with other abilities and interests follow their own path.

But the scenario of politics is different in minority communities, here the problem lies in existence and it’s continuity. Political power alone decides the future, decisions are made based on religious values, joins people for education and creates special colour, food and dress code is also forced and respectful life may be given or may not be.

Thus these type of societies doesn’t need authority but good politics is their need. Political weakness is the root cause of all difficulties of life. Then the only purpose of life is to defence yourself and petty needs also become very expensive and that’s how the lives of minority communities are always at stake. This is neither the message of Islam nor it’s image. Islam brings respect ,comforts, happiness and peace. Muslims must attract others by setting examples and leading a life of respect and dignity, so all these also becomes easy through political power, this will make Muslims a sign of pride and love.

Praise worthy are those people who are facilitating in meeting such needs , for them Islam and principles are the sample of our religion and this alone can lead to success. Make this struggle beneficial, understand it’s importance and make use of this opportunity. Energy in this direction will safe you from wasting energies in other directions and this strength will help in making many decisions.

Do remember knowledge and it’s application will make you able even here. So make your education and talent into excellence. Knowledge of Islamic Principles can make this field great, so get to know about all important aspects of Islam, then the sincere person getting assented can bring happiness in communities and it’s results can bring bright future.


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