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By: Fahim Akhtar Nadwi

Politics is to run Human Resource with a system and law and this politics is the need of human societies . This alone is human nature and Regime. It’s been remaining in human population from ancient times and experiments keep changing its faces.

So Politics influences everyone and all of us have to think about it. Those who are in it as well who keeps distance from politics.

Islam has always wanted to have best of best for human beings, and adapted goodness for all, thus Islam designed the Principles of politics and its samples are available. These Principles are also a part of religion and to bring them and practice them is the duty of religious followers.

Authoritarian and it’s followers have got equal rights. Abu Bakar RA and Umar RA made this clear in their first address. Law is same for both. Umar RA has shown this in the court of law, that treasure is not the property of an authoritarian its shared equally between authoritarian and the followers.
During the Administration of Umar RA a woman questioned him in front of the entire forum, the authority has to answer to the woe of every individual. Our beloved prophet SWS (PBUH) said that who ever passes away the share of his property goes to his legal heirs and his loan is upon me , and Umar RA has fixed pension for every citizen belonging to urban , rural ,men, women, old, handicapped, orphan even for a new born.
He used to roam in the lanes during nights to know about the needs of his people. Justice is the responsibility of the authoritarian. Beloved Prophet SWS (PBUH) has appointed a Qazi in every locality, and this was followed by all four caliphs and Umar RA even kept a facility of giving judgement in between the crowd during Haj time and the education of every individual , needs and providing opportunities is the responsibility of the authoritarian.

Authoritarian is not to gain benefits but to carry out responsibilities and not an authority but a possessor and on the day of judgement a just authoritarian will be rewarded abundantly and punishments for merciless leader.

Now politics has become a Buisness using public property, enjoying authority, and filled with a framework of false hood and cheating . An authoritarian has to think about the welfare of his public , protect them by law and order and provide resources. Right now Public has no right on their treasure but are depended on the will and wish of authoritarian.
Now criminals and rowdy sheeters are ruling and weak and common man is suffering. This was happening earlier too but now it’s terminologies and titles are framed very intelligently to cheat people.

All this is not setting any Islamic examples, and is not for welfare of human beings. Then don’t you think the world should know about these blessings of Islam and it’s examples reach public? So write and speak even on these examples and make them understand that these has to be utilised and adapted.

This too is the need of the hour and not being aware of it is a great loss for the community. These are the precious gifts to the human society. Educationists can show and implement the same develop such Human Resource.

Khuda Hafiz
10th Moharram 1442


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