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By: Dr Fahim Akhtar Nadwi

When we talk about politics then comes the picture of disruption. It increases with difficult times, and it’s results effects the future of our community. This is moving on fast track in the communities creating bad conditions of the community which is becoming the cause of concern.

Is disruptions are seen only in our community and those who are strong are organised ? It’s neither like this, nor is possible because differences are more there. Actually being united is an art and is based on various benefits, differences are understood and left behind and understanding develops on mutual benefits. Then they consciously starts progressing and will not get trapped by or mislead.

Thus this has to be pondered in politics and such principles were encouraged in Quran. Quran Showed truth in differences and mentioned that it will be shown on the day of judgement, and inspite of differences all believers must work together. During the period of our beloved Prophet SWS (PBUH) there were so many groups , Jews and tribes across Madina and they set rules and principles for mutual benefits.

Then with this unity only the work environment becomes progressive and strength becomes strong. Our good qualities got expressed and dawah begins. This alone will bring happiness in the world and talks about religion becomes common otherwise the life becomes meaningless and strength gets weakened and in between unrest and blame games will destroy the image on message for humanity.

This is what is happening now, by divisions the community became weak and an environment was created to hide the beautiful picture of Islam and making our life difficult because of the threat that the message of Islam and its goodness will spread and to stop people embracing Islam.

So using proper senses and taking right actions on time alone can lead to respectful life and goodness of Islam will be seen and felt. But during decisions made by political power the disruption will be on rise and strong reasons are given, to make our conditions more weak and becomes a cause of concern. These disruptions are spread in every situation.

So the art of remaining united has to be adapted, mutual benefits must be considered and priority must be given to united bodies and have to progress leaving and ignoring petty issues.
We must remember our strategies that made us weak and others strong and today the community is in bad shape and others are rising high.

Pondering on political system will give political strength and this time alone can make this world a better place and our duty of spreading message is possible, so don’t sacrifice this great cause for small benefits. Recognise the elements that are misleading. Our unity alone is our strength and rest are questions and appeals which is our weakness and strength for others.


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