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By: Dr Fahim Akhtar Nadwi

We do not worship power, we become and adopt power. Build and increase power, and use the resources of power. Yes.. Weakness is a crime, and crime brings punishment. Power is listened to and accepted, power is chosen and language is adopted, and power does not ask for its share, it distributes …

This is the constitution of the world, this is the rule of religion, this is what people believe, and this is the language they understand. This is what history tells us, this is what time repeats, and this is the same observation and event even today.

Yes.. The face of power keeps changing, once power was power, it is still today. Intelligence and diplomacy were strengths, and still are today. But now technology is power, industry and expertise are power, style of presentation and mood of time is power. And the greatest strength is political savvy and weight …

The political pen writes the law, makes the policy, establishes the institutions and appoints the people. This is what makes decisions and manages the system. And imposes his choice and implements plans. It always happened, it still happens today … So tears can be shed on it, there can be no mourning. You can regret, you can’t hate … And a nation deprived of political power appeals to them and gives them memoranda, begging for help and reaching out for justice. Then she considers it as success and honor …

Political power comes from tact and unity, it comes from uniting and taking the lead. And it is strengthened by public grasp and service. Withdrawal and unfamiliarity weaken it, it vanishes in vain and petty interest.

The Holy Prophet established political stability in Madinah, and took the lead by uniting all. He was politically savvy and adopted the resources of the time. The same thing was done by the Rightly Guided Caliphs. Only then did their law come into being, the institution was formed, the system was shaded and the plan was implemented. Then came peace and order, and the message of humanity came …

Today, everyone is getting smaller and smaller one after another. That we distanced ourselves from the power of politics, and removed its attachment to the work of religion. So weak destiny became and deprivation increased … So now we are weak on the chessboard of politics, where we want to live on the choice of others, and serve their goals.

It will create political insight, public unity and consciousness, the supremacy of national interest and the strength of its leadership. And this power will be heard and obeyed. So consider it a part of religion too, talk about it and tell it, make its people and work hard on it. This hard work will pay off.


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