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By: Dr Fahim Akhtar Nadwi

The Muslim community is facing two concerning, which are of equal importance. One is contributing to the benefit of humanity and the other is countering the agenda of ill wishers. While the former should be given priority, the latter should not be ignored. The main focus has to be on the 1st, while too much attention on the 2nd should be avoided.

Good and evil has always been present in the world, and the enlightenment of Prophet (PBUH) has been countering the evil ever since. When the prophets of Allah spread his message for the betterment of society, the evil of their times tried to stop them and inflicted severe pain and in some cases caused serious physical harm. This eventually lead to conflicts, the evil employed all its tactics, while the good continued spreading far and wide.

Even during conflicts, the main focus continued to be the betterment of society. The opponent rather than being demonised, was empathized, because that was the actual duty, conveying Allah’s message to his creation, equality, fraternity and prosperity for all, making the earths resources available to all, and cater to the well being of entire humanity. This is what Islam stands for, and this is Islam’s message.

Even today, this is the primary responsibility of the community, and in this lies the global peace and success in the life hereafter. Every Muslim will be questioned for this and this is the very key to his success.

Today the issues of community’s safety have became very important. The prosperity of community, the education, the employment of its youth has to have our main focus, and require a lot of work and effort. But along with this, our efforts in conveying the message of Islam to the global community, bringing them closer to the deen cannot be ignored for long.

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) put all his efforts in spreading Allah’s message. For this he did not go on having futile verbal engagements with the ill wishers, countered his opponents with planning and precision and made nullified their efforts to cause harm to the community, created a strong bond and a sense of unity among the believers and splintered his opponents. At times he made peace, took a step or two backwards, made peace between his own factions and never opened a multy-front conflict. He met his fellow human beings with kindness and was compassionate even towards his enemies. He taught his companions that leading a single person on the righteous path is more valuable than the costliest of material goods.

It was the kindness that won even the hearts of his bitter enemies. In the 13 years of life in Madina, during which many battles and conflicts erupted, the number of casualties combined on both sides were less than 1000. This goes on to prove that war was not at all a necessity, but were used when all other attempts had failed.

This is the way of Prophet (PBUH), this is our obligation, this is the message of Islam which should reach the humanity. This should not be lost in conflict, as this is the actual work which requires our undivided attention.
Come lets get to this task at hand, this seems to be getting lost in the meantime.


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