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By: Dr Fahim Akhtar Nadwi


Muslims of the country are in a very unusual situation these days. There are issues and also opportunities.There are issues on all four sides, personal law is under vulnerability, there is an effort to arrest the prayers, political non-representation is increasing, attempts for apostasy are high, opressive tactics are going on to instill fear and disappointment, there is preparation to remove us from faith and culture behind the curtain of education and training, the crop of hypocrites is rising and many other things.Opportunites are also many, there is passion for action in courageous youth, there is a stock of thinkers and writers, there are institutions and organizations. And..there is power of guidance of Islam and to find solace in Seerat, there is awareness of the circumstances and there is magnificent, praise-worthy history of the past.So there is provision for a life of preaching and dignity. So control over problems through wisdom and unity, and benefits from opportunities can be derived. Otherwise the seriousness of circumstances is infront of our eyes, and scariness of results won’t save us from being answerable.Organisations and institutions will have to unite heads, and make a united effort. Silence and inaction will lead to the point that the action possible today will also not remain possible. These works were done, now do again with everyone’s support.We have to do for betterment through these opportinities, so join them and talk together, decide of points with unity and utilize youth’s thoughts and practices.Its already very late, issues are going on increasing, come out of disappointment and silence. If you are an organisation, then work with partnership, if you are a single person, then give every possible support.We are also there, you also come, and lets save the respect of the country and nation.Translated by Dr. Umama Fahim (MBBS)


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