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By: Dr Mohammad Fahim Akhtar Nadwi

We are Muslims. We are the ones who follow Allah’s orders. This is what is Islam. This is Allah’s choice, His order and this is what is acceptable.Few people in the world don’t like this. So they stop others from this and adopt every trick for stopping. This kept happening in the past and will happen now also. They will push us back, show us fear and greed, announce wrong decisions…and one by one, take us out of Islam completely.This is not acceptable to a Muslim. Muslims bore torture in Makkah but did not deviate from Allah’s orders. Wars were fought in Madinah, and attack was from all four sides, but they made sure that Allah’s orders were dominant. The companions sacrificed their lives and livelihood but did not let Islam’s symbols and orders get sacrificed.We have to remain Muslim. And walk as per Allah’s wishes. So we shouldn’t step back from Allah’s orders and symbols. Because step by step backwards is the road which takes us out of Islam. How can this be acceptable. This is Allah’s displeasement and coming generation’s slavery.Now the fight is tough, and preparations are on to remove people from Islam. So we have a huge responsibility. We have to keep our and coming generation’s attachment to Islam intact. So don’t step back from Allah’s orders and symbols. Don’t break them in the name of expediency. This will be Islam’s existence and thats how will we remain Muslims.Now, again, a time for Islam has come. Eid and Sacrifice are expressions of Islam. So adopt them with rationale but also in full glory. And remember that…such works will be arising…and we will express Islam with full courage. This is liked by Allah and this is acceptable to Him. And then, this will only dominate. In Shaa Allah.Translated by Dr. Umama Fahim (MBBS)


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