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By: Dr Mohammad Fahim Akhtar Nadwi


Doers keep doing the work, and do solid work silently. Then its results come out and thus history created. This has happened in the field of education too.

New Education Policy 2020 has come, that means a new educational structure is established, and now this will become the one which will shape humans. It has many new things. Name, tenure, subjects, educational content, training, administrations, controls and accreditation..all have changes among many other new things.

New things hit the brain, and new system brings new problems. So all these will surface and will confuse the minds and thoughts. But everything new is not wrong. It can have many new opportunities. And benefitial ways come out from this. This is possible when that mentality will develop, then problem will create opportunities.
Educated people should read this now and create ways for society’s educational development. Our religious educational is under threat of circumstances, and many religious educational activities have stopped. So ways should be found for future. The new education policy should be read in this regard.

And..there will be various opinions in these circumstances, let them be, as they are signs of alive thoughts. Then, opinions will be baked and come out as pure. So keep hold on ‘dignity of language’ and ‘stamp of decision’ during difference of opinions.

And yes, sincere work will only keep us alive, and will bring results. So do solid, silent and sincere work. Those who do have done with their plan. This is what happens everywhere. So you and me also, lets do as per own plan, and lets create a world of opportunities with chances.

Wake up that the time of the world has a different style now..

Come, lets match step with step.

Translated by Dr. Umama Fahim (MBBS)


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