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Issues have always been there and will always be there. Were there even in the most blessed time that is the time of the Prophet (SAW). In such times, guidance from Quran kept coming, and hence life kept finding guidance.Today’s issues are also uncountable. And we are arrested in them through different ways. Now see…famous scholars are passing away. Education and sermons are shut down due to the pandemic. The practices of religion are either under ban or under non-practice. Thinkers are being banned or restricted. Planned attacks are being carried out on the principles of religion and on Islamic sacred sites. And ‘believer-like hypocrites’ are rising.So, in such times, sorrow is ‘natural’ and thought ‘serious’. And in such times, guidance from the Quran is the support. And it is the treatment for all these diseases. It has the news and also story similar to all these situations, and these possess the matter for comfort and the message for practice.People of knowledge will pass away, believers and hypocrites will be distinguishable, there will be problems, there will be danger looming on religious practices and sacred sites..and..such tough situations will be forming. But there will be success too on these roads, and glad tidings, and… the tents of believers will be clearly known.Just..we should not let the principles of religion break. We should not let the education and edification stop. We should not leave the rope of faith and should not let the followers of faith fall apart.We can do this in our lives. We have control over it. So come, lets do this, and lets keep a watch over this.May Allah help us.Translated by Dr. Umama Fahim (MBBS)


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