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Mohd. Fahim Akhtar Nadwi


This sentence seems good that ‘Go with the flow’ or ‘you move towards there, the direction of wind is where’… Mostly this happens too.. This is what is easy and this tradition is known. Yes, even trees bend towards where the wind flows. Boats also move in same direction. But they can’t be the road of life, and success can not be achieved on this path.

You must have seen often that .. A topic is raised.. And everywhere the same colorful gathering, the same subject and articles, the same topic, thoughts and picture. Then another topic gets highlited.. Now the discourse, debates and planning will be around this topic. And then another new topic, and now all pens and talks will be directed towards it. Again a new issue drops, and again a new debate props up, and again a new topic arises…and…and..

So this is a chain which brings a new topic and buries the previous one. So shall we walk towards the direction of the wind? Then every issue buried, every planning unfulfilled and every need becomes mere lip service. Then neither will we have our mission nor will we have any association. So are we like this ? And we intend to remain like this ?

Yes, there are those people too who make way for their destination. And adopt works which fulfil their motive. Then winds don’t distract them, and debates don’t confuse them. These bring results, and plans are converted to reality.

Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) life was as per proper plan, and Islam’s tasks were done as per the mission. Winds did blow, debates did show, but neither was the planning aborted, nor was the mission distracted, and no new issue could bury the need.

We also need to do the same. Media and Journalism, Judiciary and legal aid, Health and treatment, Educational steps, Muslim unity, Dawat-e-deen, Financial self sufficiency and help and cooperation. All these are our important needs. These are our planning and mission. And these are our way to destination.

So lets ‘fix’ ourselves on this, lets be with those who are ‘fixed’, lets not let winds deviate us, many topics will be raised, many issues will arise… But our foundation will be firm and our memory will be strong and works will go on.. Believe me that then the winds will blow in the direction we will walk.

Remember that, Islam has created its history, so read it for sure, and keep walking upon it.

Translated by Dr. Umama Fahim (MBBS)


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