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By: Dr Fahim Akhtar Nadwi


It is said that some people do religious work and some are involved in the world. Religious work is sacred whereas wordly activities are far from it. So it really like this ? Is there no relationship between religion and world ? And one is superior and other inferior ?Worship, Azkar, knowledge of Quran and Hadith, its service and education and man’s religious reform and training are known as religious works. And the other different works of life are considered as worldly works. This is prevalent thinking.But religious works can be done within and along with worldly activities. They are being achieved through worldly materials. Its being adopted by and for the people. Without this, relogious work can not be completed. By side-lining lawful livelihood, good nutriment and health, peaceful home, pleasant atmosphere, yes exactly, sense of goodness, beauty and non harmful satire and taste in eating & clothing…can religious activitied be accomplished ?Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to have enjoyment and recreation, used to listen and narrate poetry and stories with his companions. He used to let them see sports and make them play as well. And tell and teach them all the works of the world. He was doing all this for religion itself.So these all are also religious work. Every work which is your necessity is a work of religion. As this is the order given by Allah. Your every hardwork, every education, every relation and every effort is religion. Just be careful that Allah’s disobedience is not caused and it should be done to fulfil the duties told by Allah. So every worldly work will become part of religion.Remember this too that…it is imperative to have knowledge about our duties and disobedience as told by Allah. Otherwise, there are many occasions where we end up perceiving wrong as right. Right is that what is there in the book of Allah and in the life of his beloved Prophet (SAW). So learn about these two things first, and respect the ones who teach them. Don’t leave this thread because then, the loss is huge. And then the relation of world with religion is detached.Religion and world are coexistent. Keep them together. Hold Allah’s rope tight and then roam the world with it. This relation and passion will keep your world connected to your religion. Then world will be heaven. And then world will help you achieve heaven.Come lets adopt this concept and keep world and religion together.Allah Hafiz.Translated by Dr. Umama Fahim (MBBS)


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