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By: Dr Fahim Akhtar Nadwi


Man’s virtues are of different types, moods and likes are of different kinds.. Every virtue is needed, and every mood is important. A society full of virtue is formed when all these meet. This society is liked and is useful. Flowers are also of different kinds and the garden is formed when all those kinds are present in it. This is the garden which brings happiness to hearts.

So every virtue should be adopted, and every ability should be nurtured. These are different fields of work, and these are the subjects for our moods and likes. Writings, speeches, research, criticism..all are different virtues. Administration, discussions, communications, presentation..all are different talents. Hardwork, arrangement, physical struggle are different kinds. Planning, intelligence, techniques are different talents. Religion, trade, politics and law are seprate fields.. The society needs them all.

Every man works in his field. And every work is important for the society. So value every work. And do not compare one work with another. Then you will start appreciating every work and every member will contribute towards making the society better.

We usually overlook a person’s work and keep expectations about other works. Then start complaining about the same. This behavior can not be correct. Our mindset can not be the same as the other person’s mindset. And then he can not even be useful. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) brought this teaching to his companions, and hence every man’s life became decorated with different virtues. Then the society was perfected.

Come, lets do the same within our family, within our friends circle. Lets put the same thought on strugglers, thinkers and writers. Trust’ll find good people more. You’ll find goodness increasing. And a good society will be formed when everyone will walk united. Come, lets see and lets be like this.

Translated by Dr. Umama Fahim (MBBS)


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