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By: Dr: Fahim Akhtar Nadwi

Greetings. It is good to study, every good man studies and studies always. Neither does the matter to study finishes, nor does the habit of studying changes. The continuity of studying lives with the continuity of life.Islam has given importance to studying, given a book to study, and has given supremacy to the ones who study. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came to teach, and he left after teaching everyone.But why should we study? There are many advantages of studying and there are many reasons for studying. Islam has kept practice as the reason for studying. Meaning that if we are studying, we should practice, if we are knowing, we should bring in our lives. We should adopt good things and habits and shun wrong things and bad ways. This reason is very plain and simple, very realistic and natural, very benefitial and important.If studies is not for practicing upon it, then it is a mere pile of information. And its like a weight of information on an animal’s back. Quran has given this example. That when life is deprived of its light.So we should read with the intention to act upon. We should resolve to practice after reading and should lift steps in the direction of trying. Then our studies will get life and our lives will get the shine. Then we will witness the change is us and the goodness in our lives. Then we will attain God’s approval. Prophet’s (SAW) companions did the same. They acted upon whatever they read. And when there was a time for an act, they gathered knowledge about it.Lucky are those who practice after reading. Keep it fresh that many times we start reading habitually, then the sole purpose of reading becomes reading and the mind doesn’t shift towards practice. This is a trade full of loss and detached from the position of knowledge.Come. Let’s study. Let’s think. Let’s walk in the direction towards knowledge.Translated by Dr. Umama Fahim (MBBS)


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