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Terrorist Vikas Dubey Arrested From a Temple In Ujjain After Dodging Police Till 6 Days

Baseerat Desk.

Terrorist Vikas Dubey has been arrested by MP Police as he was in Mahakal temple in Ujjaain city located in Madhya Pradesh. Vikas Dubey is an accused of killing eight police officers in Kanpur some days ago. These eight people were shot dead on Friday in an ambush set up by the terrorist.

He has fled and moved across three states to reach Madhya Pradesh where he was arrested. The state home minister of Madhya Pradesh Narottam Mishra has confirmed his arrest. he said ” Viaks Dubey has been a cruel killer from his youger days and was involved in the heinous killings of policemen”.

As per the reports now UP Police has left Madhya Pradesh to take the custody of Viaks Dubey and he will brought to the justice.


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