Yes I Am Safoora Zargar….

By: Nazish Huma Qasmi

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Translated: by Qeyamuddin Qasmi

Yes, I am Safura Zargar, a Kashmiri Iron lady, highly-qualified student Leader, revolutionary daughter of the nation, clear-headed, Fearless, brave, bold, intrepid, daring, valiant, valorous, courageous, courteous, modest, chaste, honest, pacifist patriot, who always heard the ridicule of being a Pakistani since her childhood.
Yes, I am Safura Zargar, Member of JMI Coordination Committee, a voice of Jamia Millia Islamia, who brock the silence against the unconstitutional law like CAA, escalated the CAA movement all over the country by raising the slogan of revolution, freedom, and liberty, from Jamia campus.
Yes, I am Safura Zargar, who is concerned for the future of minorities, loved to fight for the secular rights, peace, and justice in independent India and raised her voice against the anti-secular laws like CAA, NRC, and NPR. Consequently, I am bullied, convicted without a crime, victimized by the conspiracies, and imprisoned in a horrible room of Tihar Jail for many months on charges of sedition and inciting riots in Delhi, with a little soul in my womb.
I was born in Kishtwar, Kashmir to Sabir Hussain Zargar. A few years after my birth, my father was transferred to Faridabad, so I came to Delhi where I pursued my studies. After obtaining higher degrees from various colleges, I took admission in Dayar-e-Shoq and Shar-e-Arzoo, Jamia Millia Islamia to be more enlightened. I am currently an M.Phil student at the university. On October 4, 2018, during student life, I got married to Saboor Ahmed Sherwal and became a faithful wife.
Yes, I am Safura Zargar, who is called the insurgent of Shaheen Bagh and the unmarried student of Jamia, taunted for her pregnancy, and labeled as of a bad character. The perpetrators are those who are devoid of humanity and nasty beasts in the guise of humans. Brutality is their habituation, animosity is their profession, hostility is their religion, and enmity towards humanity is their addiction. They have taken the fetus out of the mother’s womb and celebrated by throwing it on a spear. Such ruthless, relentless, and remorseless hatemongers have started scoffing at the fetus in my womb before it comes into the world. The so-called civilized and intelligent people who always give lectures on respecting women, support these vile creatures.
These inhumane Andhbhakts cry crocodile tears on the death of a pregnant elephant but rejoice over her internment despite being pregnant. Which kind of humanity is lamenting over the death of an animal and singing songs of joy over the captivity of a pregnant student?! Those who are deprived of the dignity of women and congratulate celebrities for their babies without marriage are accusing me of becoming an unmarried mother. These morally ignorants are trying to teach me the lessons on morality, while the whole world knows that I am a married, modest, and chaste woman. I am among righteous ones, and the accusations and denunciation against modest women are not a novelty. When our mother Ayesha Siddiqa can be alleged, then who am I? I don’t feel bad about that. I was strong yesterday and I am strong today. I was a powerful voice against fascism yesterday, and I am still a rock-hard wall against rioter today. I have not knelt before the oppressors tomorrow, nor will I give up in the future.
Yes, I am the same Safura Zargar, who witnessed the students in Shahr-e-Arzoo being exploited by the police brutality on December 15th, friends in bloodstained clothes fallen on the ground of the library and saw with my own eyes the outflowing blood from the delicate bodies of girls in the girls’ hostel. I had suffered the same barbarity that night, even I fainted from fear, but today I am the victim.
When the culprit becomes a judge, he presents the oppressed as an oppressor. The same atrocity has happened to me. I campaigned for the protection of the constitution. I raised my voice against the citizenship law. I sympathized with Delhi riot victims, as a price I was rewarded with imprisonment and those who instigated the Delhi riots, chanted the slogan “Shoot these bastards”, uttered that if you will not understand the language of tongue, we will make you understand the language of bullets, and threatened blatantly for electric shocks, they are roaming free. Those who have blabbered of inciting riots in the presence of the general police have been dearer to the power. Why? Because they are now on the throne, hence, they are innocent even though they have broken the laws tenfold, but I and other girls and boys like me who are advocates of justice and speak for the constitution and the law, are guilty. Therefore, we are behind the bars.
Suppressors are given designation and innocents are confined in detention. The shooters are being granted bail and the bail application of those who talked of the constitution is being rejected. The ones who ignited the fire are wandering freely and the ones, who extinguished it, are being prosecuted. Hate speakers are moving around comfortably and love singers are confronting confinement. Lawbreakers have been acquitted and law-abiding citizens calling for the protection of the constitution have been sentenced.
Yes, I am the same Safura Zargar who wrote a heart-wrenching letter to her dear relatives, university, and country before Eid while she was under restraints. In the letter, I burst into tears remembering her parents’ affection, mother’s adoration, and sister’s devotion. I galvanized students and commemorated my close student leaders Miran Haider, Asif Iqbal, and Shifa-ur-Rehman who also have been sentenced to imprisonment. I requested all to pray for my patience, the bright future of the country, JMI, and for peace and harmony.
Yes, I am the same Safura Zargar, who is in a grueling condition in prison with an innocent embryo in her womb. She is in excruciating suffering, but not despair of God’s mercy, I hope that just as God sent Muhammad ibn Qasim to set innocent Muslim women at liberty from the prison of Debal, so he will send one of the successors of Qasim and Mahmood to help millions of browbeaten and downtrodden ones like me, Because ‘from Debal to Tihar’ is the same group of tyrants and the same attitude towards the tyrannized, that is suppression, repression, and abolition but the cruelty does not last long, Allah soon makes the oppressors a sign and I hope Inshallah, the day is coming soon.

آگے فیض احمد فیض کی نظم “ہم دیکھیں گے” کا ترجمہ ہے
We shall see, certainly we, too, shall see
When these high mountains of tyranny and autarchy
Will turn to fluff and evaporate
And we oppressed, beneath our feet
When the earth will shiver, shake and quake
And above the heads of the dictators
When the crackling lightning will thunder
We shall see, certainly we, too, shall see
When from the Ka’bah of God’s earth
All the false idols will be removed
When we, of clean hearts, condemned by the zealots
Will be invited to sit on the throne and govern
When all the crowns will be overthrown
And all the thrones will be downfallen
We shall see, certainly we, too, shall see
Only the name of Allah will remain
Who is invisible but discoverable too
Who is the viewer and the view too
There will rise one cheer- I am God
Then the masses, people of God will rule
Who I am too and so are you
We shall see, certainly we, too, shall see
(Faiz Ahmad Faiz).


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