The Yogi government with Azam Khan is highly biased, deprived of even basic voting rights

Rampur : The by-election of Rampur, which has become a political arena, has reached the provincial assembly, the Election Commission and the Supreme Court of the country, but the result is the same that comes out of the mouth of BJP leader Akash Saxena. In the latest development, on the complaint of Akash Saxena, the election officer has deleted Azam Khan’s name from the voter list. After Akash Saxena was convicted in the case based on the FIR, Azam Khan’s membership in the Assembly was canceled and he was also banned from contesting the election.
The Electoral Registration Officer of Rampur Assembly seat issued an order to remove his name from the voter list under the Representation of the People Act, 1950 and the Representation of the People Act, 1951. The officer has given this order on the complaint of Akash Saxena, the BJP candidate from Rampur. Akash Saxena on Wednesday submitted a petition to SDM President and Electoral Registration Officer, Rampur Assembly Constituency Narankar Singh, demanding that since Azam Khan is accused of electoral corruption, his right to vote should be revoked. To be given.
In the complaint, Saxena had said that Azam Khan had been sentenced to three years in prison and fined for making a provocative speech. This sentence was handed down after the charges were proved. In this case, Azam Khan’s membership has been cancelled. Due to which by-election is taking place on Rampur assembly seat. Azam Khan was found guilty. Under Section 16 of the Representation of the People Act, the offender has been disenfranchised. In such a case, Azam Khan’s name should also be removed from the voter list.
It should be noted that there is a fierce political and legal battle going on between Akash Saxena and Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, due to which Azam Khan, who was popular in political circles, has now reached the point of being punished. They have also been deprived of the right to vote and the interesting thing is that the institutions that have been accused of delaying justice have taken away the right to vote by punishing Azam Khan and terminating his membership in the provincial house. It didn’t take long.
This question was asked by the Supreme Court of the UP government to the Speaker and the Election Commission, but the answer was the same as Azam Khan’s opponent wanted and by-elections are being held in Rampur. BJP has made Akash Saxena its candidate, but his supporters even say that he has got a reward for bringing Azam Khan to this situation.
After the announcement of the by-elections, the farmers put up posters and banners saying that Rampur should be renamed as Up Chanau Nagar (By-election Nagar) because four consecutive by-elections have not only created an electoral record in UP but also the people here. has been pushed into the cave of unemployment and economic backwardness of this by-election that some of the farmers protesting against are holding Azam Khan responsible for it, while some are cursing the provincial government that the government is opposing instead of fulfilling its duty. Politicians are being eliminated.


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