Anti-Terrorism Conference: PM Modi directly targets Pakistan

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while inaugurating the two-day “No Money for Terror” (NMFT) conference in New Delhi on Friday, November 18, said that India has spent thousands of its funds in the war against terrorism. Precious lives were lost but “we fought terrorism bravely. Our stand against terrorism is very firm and we cannot ignore even a single terrorist attack.”
Prime Minister Modi called for a uniform “zero tolerance policy” against terrorism, warning that new technologies are now being used to support terrorist activities.
Delegates from more than 75 countries and international organizations are participating in the NMFT conference. However, Pakistan is not participating in this conference. Afghanistan is also not participating in this conference.
The NMFT was launched in 2018 by France, which founded the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in 1989, the leading international body in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Is. The previous two conferences of NMFT were held in Paris in 2018 and in Melbourne in 2019. In which the method of dealing with the financial support of terrorists was discussed.
Prime Minister Modi indirectly attacked Pakistan and said that strict action should be taken against all countries that support terrorism.
Modi said, “Some countries are supporting terrorism as their foreign policy. Such countries need to be isolated without any hesitation.”
“They provide political, ideological and financial support to them (terrorists), such countries should be held accountable,” he said.
The prime minister said that the long-term effects of terrorism are mostly on the poor and the local economy. “No one wants an area to be under constant threat of terrorism because it robs people of their livelihood. It is therefore imperative that we strike hard at the very roots of terrorism financing.”
Addressing the international delegates, Prime Minister Modi said that the absence of war does not necessarily mean peace. “Proxy wars are equally dangerous and violent. Fighting terrorists and fighting terrorism are two different things. Terrorists can be defeated with weapons, but terrorism can only be defeated through sophisticated and sophisticated operations. can be prevented.”
Calling terrorism an attack on humanity, freedom and civilisation, Narendra Modi said, “To root out terrorism, there is a need for broader action. And we cannot wait to act when we do.” May it reach our doorstep.”
India was supposed to host the No Money for Terror (NMFT) conference in 2020, but it had to be postponed due to the Corona virus outbreak.
According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the conference in Delhi highlights India’s zero-tolerance policy against the problem of international terrorism and its scourge.
Conference participants will discuss the misuse of non-profit organizations and non-financial businesses and professions in terrorist financing, as well as such financing through money transfer service schemes and referral networks.
Participants will also discuss technical, legal, regulatory and collaborative aspects of all aspects of terrorist financing, while setting the pace for other high-level governmental and political discussions focused on countering terrorist financing. Will try.


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