Now all details of LPG cylinder will be available through QR code, know how it will work?

New Delhi: If you use LPG cylinders, this is useful news for you. Many times consumers do not get the necessary information about LPG cylinders. For example, how much gas is in the cylinder? What was the weight during packing? Whether the necessary tests have been done to protect the cylinder or not… you don’t have to worry about answering these questions anymore. With QR code, you will be able to get all information related to LPG cylinder. According to the report, domestic LPG gas cylinders with QR codes will be available across the country in the next 3 months.
With the help of QR code, domestic LPG consumers will be able to easily find out in which plant the LPG cylinder reaching their home was bottled. Who is its distributor? etc. According to Indian Oil, the QR code will be like an Aadhaar card for every LPG cylinder. This will make the process of LPG cylinder bottling to distribution transparent.
20000 New LPG Cylinders Issued:
20000 new LPG cylinders with QR code have been released in the first tranche. Indian Oil said that it has uploaded great shots of LPG cylinders with QR codes, so that consumers can get complete information.
The duration of the cylinder is 15 years:
Let us tell you that domestic LPG cylinders are manufactured to BIS 3196 standards and have a lifespan of 15 years. During this time the LPG cylinder is checked twice, the first check is done on completion of 10 years and the second check is done on completion of 5 years.


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