Shraddha murder case: 10 body parts recovered, CBI forensic team arrives for investigation

New Delhi: In the heart-rending Shraddha Walker murder case, the CBI forensic team reached Delhi’s Mehroli police station to examine the fridge and other evidence. In the investigation of the police so far, several shocking revelations have been made in this case.
Delhi Police on Tuesday took Aftab Amin Poonawalla to the forest where he allegedly dumped Shraddha’s body parts. The search operation continued for three hours, in which at least 10 pieces of Shraddha’s body were recovered.
Shraddha’s father Vikas Walker on Tuesday demanded that 28-year-old Aftab Amin Poonawalla should be hanged and suspected ‘love jihad’ behind the incident.
Aftab and Shraddha met through the dating app ‘Bumble’ while working in Mumbai. Police can now also request Aftab’s profile details from dating apps, to find out whether he brought other girls or women home during the days when Shraddha’s body parts were in his house, or Could any of these girls be the cause of this murder?
Aftab and Shraddha used to have frequent fights as Shraddha was pressing for marriage. According to sources, the argument escalated on May 18 and Aftab sat on Shraddha’s chest and strangled her. Aftab allegedly told the police to clean the blood stains after dismembering Shraddha’s body. Sulfur hypochlorite was used for this.
Sources say that Aftab used to sleep every day in the same room in which he killed Shraddha and dismembered her body. Aftab used to see his girlfriend’s face even after the murder because he kept Shraddha’s severed head in the fridge. After disposing of the dead bodies, he also cleaned the fridge.
The police also took Aftab to the shop where he claimed to have bought tools to cut Shraddha’s body. CCTV footage from that day is no longer available, although Aftab claimed he bought the knife used in the crime from the shop, along with garbage bags to dispose of the body parts.
Neighbors say that even after the alleged murder of the live-in partner, Aftab used to come home with several other women. According to him, the couple preferred to stay apart and did not mix with the people around.
According to the police, a few days after Shraddha’s murder, Aftab brought another woman to the apartment. He would often bring the woman home while Shraddha’s remains were in the apartment.
Police are now probing whether Aftab had rented a flat in Delhi’s Chhatarpur area as part of a conspiracy to kill the victim. The flat was rented just before the murder.
Aftab Amin Poonawalla killed Shraddha on May 18 and the next day bought a 300 liter refrigerator to store her body. On the same day he divided the body into 35 pieces along with weapons/tools. For 18 days, every night at around two o’clock, he went to discard the body parts.


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