Pakistan: PTI’s protest threatens to increase tension in the country

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned two conspiracies in his address yesterday, in one of which he said that four people were involved, while regarding the Wazirabad attack, he mentioned the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Interior Minister and the ISI. The name of Major General Faisal Naseer was taken. Imran Khan had asked the workers to protest till the dismissal of these three persons.
Due to strict arrangements in Islamabad, there was no major demonstration in the capital. However, according to the Rawalpindi Police, the protesters protested in Murree Road, Gujar Khan Khan, Motorway, Chak Beli Rawat and many other areas of Rawalpindi Division. Most of the protesters appeared on the streets in groups and raised slogans. Some Pakistani media outlets claimed that protesters gathered near Faizabad in Islamabad and were fired with tear gas by the police. But Islamabad and Pindi police told DW Urdu that no tear gas was used.
Imran Khan’s lawyer Faisal Chaudhry says that dozens of PTI workers have been arrested from across the country.
Apart from Rawalpindi, there were demonstrations in other areas of Punjab for the dismissal of these three persons. In Lahore, demonstrations were held at Thokar Niaz Baig Chowk, Babu Sabu Interchange Road, Shahdara Chowk, Harbanspora, Ring Road, Bhatta Chowk, Ferozepur Road and Liberty Chowk.
PTI says that Imran Khan has named three people and until these three people are removed from their posts, the protest will continue.
A leader of the party and member of the National Assembly Muhammad Iqbal Khan Afridi told DW Urdu in this regard, “We will not end the protest under any circumstances and the long march will not be cancelled.” As soon as Khan Sahib gets better, he will be back on the streets and our protest will continue till elections are announced in the country and these three people are removed.”
Political parties are expressing the fear that the situation is heading towards a conflict and if a situation of conflict arises, the future of democracy in the country may also be in jeopardy for a while. Member of National Assembly Kishor Zahra told DW Urdu in this regard, “The way Imran Khan gave strong statements and there was a strong reaction from the institutions and then Imran Khan’s call for protest came, it seemed The situation is heading towards conflict. Although this is an effort of the institutions to somehow keep the democracy going even if it is lame, but if there is a situation of conflict, then the democracy can be damaged temporarily.
Lashkari Raisani, a politician from Quetta, also expresses similar concerns. He told DW, “The situation is showing that the country is heading towards tension. I think Imran Khan should give the government a political agenda instead of this protest, which has the formula of human rights, problems of small provinces, parliamentary supremacy and keeping undemocratic forces under control.
It may be noted that there was a strong reaction to Imran Khan’s allegations from the army’s media wing, which indicated that such allegations against the army would not be tolerated. The ISPR statement asked the government to take action against those involved in defaming the Army.
Tehreek-e-Insaf Secretary General Asad Umar gave a full response to ISPR’s statement today and he questioned that if there cannot be black sheep in any institution, then why some army officers were court-martialled and if for wrongdoing. Army officers can be court-martialled, so why can’t they be criticized?
Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif addressed Imran Khan in a press conference today and said that his people are using foul language against Pakistan Army. The Prime Minister reminded Imran Khan that he is speaking against an institution whose soldiers and officers are also sacrificing their lives in Waziristan and other areas. He said that no one can speak against Pakistan Army the way Imran Khan spoke.
Responding to Imran Khan’s accusations, Shahbaz Sharif said that first it was said that four conspirators conspired in a closed room and then later it was said that three conspirators were involved. Shahbaz Sharif defended the change of government and said that this change took place in a constitutional manner.
Furthermore, PEMRA has banned the broadcasting and re-broadcasting of Imran Khan’s speeches and press conferences. A statement from Pemra said that Imran Khan made speeches in the Long March and held a press conference on November 4. Imran Khan attacked the credibility of state institutions by making baseless allegations of assassination conspiracy. Broadcasting such content is likely to harm public order.


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