A strange incident happened in Chhattisgarh, a child killed a cobra by biting it with its teeth

New Delhi: According to the English magazine India Today, eight-year-old Deepak was playing in the field behind his house in Jishpur, Chhattisgarh, when a cobra came out of nowhere and grabbed the child’s arm.
Deepak panicked and tried to pull away, but his grip did not loosen, while the cobra bit into his arm.
The child felt intense pain but could not separate it from his body despite his efforts. At the same time, the survival instincts kicked in and he raised his arms and bit the snake two or three times with his teeth.
This made the snake’s grip hard and then loosened. After a while the snake fell down because it was lifeless.
Deepak told The Indian Express, “The snake wrapped around my arm and bit into the flesh twice, all very quickly.”
Later, when he told his parents about the snake bite, he was rushed to the hospital, where he was given anti-venom and was hospitalized for a day.
However, later doctors termed it as a ‘dry bite’ which means a wound without venom.
According to him, the poison did not enter Deepak’s body because the snake injects the poison after baring its teeth, but before that, the child attacked him with its teeth, leaving him unable to deliver the poison further.
The report also states that after that, the doctors discharged the child from the hospital, declaring him completely healthy.


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