Prime Minister Modi inspected the Morbi bridge accident site, went to the hospital and met the injured

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the bridge accident site in Morbi. Meanwhile, he also spoke to the officials about the day of the incident. Let me tell you that more than 130 people died in a bridge accident in Morbi on Sunday evening.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the site of the bridge accident in Morbi. Before visiting the accident site, he also held a high-level meeting regarding the accident. The Prime Minister went to the hospital and met the injured.
This British era bridge which was opened after several months of repairs. Broke last Sunday. More than 130 people including 47 children were killed in this incident.
According to the police, more than 500 people were riding on the bridge when it collapsed. While the capacity of this bridge was only to carry the load of 125 people.
The bridge was opened after repairs by the Aureva Company. Before the inauguration of this bridge, the fitness certificate was not even taken from the administration.
The Aureva company had to close the bridge for eight to twelve months for repairs. But due to negligence, it was opened only after repairs for a few months.
More than 400 people had booked tickets to see the bridge on Sunday. The ticket price was fixed at 12 and 17 rupees.
According to the Gujarat Forensic Lab, investigations have found that the bridge collapsed because too many people climbed on it at one time.
According to the sources, Aureva company did not replace the old cable during the repair of this bridge.
After this incident, the police have arrested a total of 9 people including two officers of Oriva company.
The video of the collapse of this bridge is going viral. In which people are seen falling on top of each other after the bridge collapses.


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