Indian Railways has become fully digital, now railway work will be computerized, Use of paper is completely eliminated

New Delhi: Indian Railways is going to make its operations paperless from today. Every file and document of railways across the country will now be operated through computer and internet.
Taking a major step, Indian Railways has decided to digitize files and make its entire operations paperless and work through e-office system from Tuesday, the Ministry of Railways said yesterday. All preparations in this regard have been completed.
Inspired by the Prime Minister’s address on August 15 last year, the government launched a special campaign in September-October 2021 to ensure cleanliness, reduce tardiness and work culture at the workplace. can be improved. Buoyed by the success of this special campaign, in September this year, the government re-launched a sequel to the campaign called ‘Special Campaign 2.0’. It set high targets through further promotion of cleanliness and good governance and improved work culture.
Under the special drive 2.0, the Ministry of Railways has set high standards in its field of operations and this includes the entire railway system. The Ministry of Railways has included all its 7337 stations in the Swachh campaign. Special emphasis was laid on cleaning the stations with machines. Special attention was paid to cleanliness of railway vehicles and stations (including railway lines leading to major stations). Along with this, arrangements have been made for the collection and safe disposal of plastic and other waste.
Since November 2 i.e. yesterday, the Ministry of Railways has conducted more than 9000 cleanliness drives, covering its stations, offices, workshops, productivity units and other departments and has achieved 100% of the target. More than 100,000 manual files and about 30,000 e-files were identified and reviewed. All employees from top to bottom have been mapped and all pending matters have been cleared


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