Gujarat: 47 innocent children lost their lives in the Morbi Bridge accident, a 2-year-old child was among the dead, 9 people including company officials were arrested

Mumbai: The death toll in the Morbi Bridge accident in Gujarat has reached 141 till Monday. 45 of them are under 18 years of age. Officials said the rescue operation has been put on hold till Tuesday morning as the search operation is facing difficulties due to dim light. He said that around 100 bodies are feared to be trapped in the water.
Sources from the country’s top forensic lab said the cable bridge over the Machu river in Gujarat’s Morbi collapsed due to an unusual rush of people. The bridge was closed for renovation for seven months. It was reopened on October 25 after repairs. More than 141 people including 47 children have died in the accident. A two-year-old child is also among the dead.
Forensic officials used gas cutters to take samples of the bridge, sources said. He realized that the overcrowding had weakened the structure of the recently repaired bridge.
This historical bridge of Morbi was under the jurisdiction of the city municipality. The municipality entrusted the responsibility of repairing it to the Ajanta Oriva Group of Companies. An agreement was signed with Oriva Company for the repair, maintenance and operation of the bridge for the next 15 years i.e. till 2037.
Aureva Company is a manufacturer of electronic watches, calculators, home appliances and LED bulbs. Oreva was the first company in the country to start selling LED bulbs with a one-year warranty. Why the renovation of the bridge was given to a bulb manufacturing company is beyond comprehension.
Nine people, including the officials of the bridge repair company Oriva, have been arrested. The arrest was confirmed by Rajkot Range IG Ashok Yadav. He says that all the accused have been arrested after the Covid test.
According to information, this bridge built on the Machu River had a capacity of 100-150 people. On the day of the accident i.e. Sunday, there were 5 times more people than the capacity on this bridge. 400-500 people had reached the bridge which had a capacity of 100 people.
Eyewitnesses said that many women and children were on this British-era “hanging bridge” when it collapsed. An eyewitness said that some people were seen jumping on the bridge and pulling its main cables.
The company did not obtain fitness certificates from the civic authorities, Morbi Municipal Agency chief Sandeep Singh Jala confirmed to NDTV on Sunday. Watch maker Ajanta, part of the Auriva Group, has charged Rs 17 to go on the bridge.
“If people act responsibly without damaging property, this renewal can continue for another 15 years,” Aureva Group managing director said during a press conference on October 24.
Post mortem will not be done on those killed in the Morbi accident. Gujarat government has taken this decision. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi will visit Morbi on Tuesday afternoon.


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