Beware! Bad news for Twitter users, account verification will no longer be free, you will have to pay a fee for Blue Tick

After buying social networking site Twitter, Elon Musk has started charging users $20 per month for account verification.
According to foreign media, Elon Musk has asked his Twitter employees to start preparing for the paid verification feature of users’ accounts as soon as possible, otherwise they will be sent on leave.
According to reports, Twitter employees have been instructed that users will be charged $5 in the first phase for using Twitter Blue and other features, while users will be given a blue tick for subscriptions larger than that.
According to foreign media, in the first phase, Twitter is planning to charge $20 for BlueTick subscription from its users.
Under this plan, pre-verified users on Twitter will have 3 months to get subscription, if they don’t get subscription, their blue tick will be deleted.
The employees working on this project of Twitter say that they have been given time till November 7 to introduce this feature, if they do not complete the work, they will be fired.


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