The Palestinian student became the best student of Harvard, the university gave an award of 1.2 million dollars

Sarah Abu Rashid, a Palestinian student who came to America after living the worst life of a refugee in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, got the best position at Harvard University. He has been awarded 1.2 lakh US dollars by the university for his excellent academic performance. Sara Abu Rashid, a student of Harvard University, is also a poet and writer. One of his poems has been included in the curriculum of American universities. While the play written by him has been shown in 16 different cities of America so far.
Sara Abu Rashid’s research articles have been published in ten different American research journals. When they immigrated from Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp and arrived in the United States eight years ago, the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk camp were forced to live a very poor life. Many Palestinians even had to eat grass to satisfy their hunger.
Due to her hard work and dedication, Sara Abu Rashid did not let her difficulties and sufferings get in the way of her education. Rather, with hard work, she made it possible to enter Harvard University and then came out as one of the best students.
As a result of this hard work, success came to his feet and the university offered him a huge amount of 1.2 million dollars as an award. She has also participated in the demo conference of ambassadors in Greece in 2018.


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