Uniform Civil Code unacceptable and harmful to country: All India Muslim Personal Law Board

New Delhi:
Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, General Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, has said in his press note that the uniform civil code left by the government of Uttarakhand and then Gujarat is not only for Muslims but also for all the minorities of the country. Often unacceptable to tribal groups, fundamental rights under the Constitution include the belief, practice and propagation of one’s own religion; Therefore, the personal law of different groups has legal protection, and it goes without saying that the fundamental rights are the real spirit of the constitution, the architects and framers of the country have carefully considered and the multi-religious and multi-cultural nature of India. This section was added by keeping the structure in front, it is the basis of the country’s integrity and national unity; Because social and family laws relate to the identity of different groups, it would not be fair if people tried to deprive people of their identity. have been living, the British also maintained the same and even after independence, the system of the country has been running in the same way for the last 75 years, but it did not cause any problem, if the people of the country followed the common laws instead of their religious laws. Like the Civil Code, the Special Marriage Act would have been the most popular personal law in the country; But that didn’t happen, even today there is scope for citizens that if they don’t like their religious personal law, they can get married under the Special Marriage Act, in which case they are subject to Muslim personal law or any other. Personal law shall not apply; But generally people have not taken this route, some refer to Article 44 of the guiding principle of the Constitution, which speaks of a Uniform Civil Code; But two things should be kept in mind in this regard, firstly, their status is moral and motivational, they do not have the same status as fundamental rights, in the guiding principle, alcoholism has also been encouraged; But has the government implemented it and has any effective efforts ever been made for it? Others: This incentive was given in front of these tribal traditions, which are contrary to civilization, morals and health, for example, marriage of one woman to several men, etc.; It is therefore a mere deception to refer to the guiding principle, it is also a fact that the government itself has made an agreement with the various tribes that their customs and practices will be maintained and no change will be made; Therefore, if people are deprived of their religious and national identity, it will affect the unity and brotherhood, because the Common Civil Code is also against the constitution, it is not beneficial and there is a fear of harm on the contrary. .
The All India Muslim Personal Law Board in Uttarakhand has also conveyed to the government through religious organizations and citizens that this is unacceptable for the minorities and that they should work together with other minorities at the national level with full force. will oppose it, the Board is in touch with Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and other religious and cultural entities in this regard and the truth is that governments raise such issues to cover up their failures at the time of elections, and promote an atmosphere of hatred; Therefore, the government is requested not to waste its time in such useless activities instead of paying attention to the real problems of the country and to take care of the fundamental rights that have been given to the minorities.


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