People are being misled by invoking Hindu-Muslim and hate speech to divert attention from inflation, unemployment and hunger: Welfare Party of India

New Delhi, October 31
The Welfare Party of India organized a protest on 30 October 2022 at Jantar Mantar under the national campaign “Desh Mein Hai Bada Boal Rozi Roti Ka Hai Swaal” led by the party’s National Secretary and Delhi State President Siraj Talib. Addressing the people, Siraj Talib said that the country is going through the worst situation, inflation is talking to the sky, people are worried because of unemployment, but the government instead of solving the problems of the people. They are getting confused in separate issues, sometimes Hindu-Muslims are accused and sometimes hate speeches are made to distract the people from the real issues.
At the time when there is talk of making the country Vishwaguru, at that time the country has left even Nepal behind in hunger and poverty. Arif Akhlaq, General Secretary of Welfare Party of India Pradesh, while addressing the public, said that inflation and unemployment in the country are continuously increasing and the government is only working for the capitalists when the Welfare Party through its campaign. is reaching the people and the false promises and advertisements of the government are proving to be completely lost. The Welfare Party of India will continue its work among the people even after this campaign and will continue to fight for these rights. Younger brothers, Jehana Begum, Kaif Ahmed, Ashfaq Alam, Manzoor Ahmed and Mushkat Hashmi participated.


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