‘Arrest Amit Shah’ Manish Sisodia’s big statement on Telangana MLA horse trading case

New Delhi: Senior leader of Aam Aadmi Party and Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia said in a press conference that ‘A new case of the dirty game of Operation Lotus which BJP is playing across the country has come to light. Is. Sisodia accused the BJP leadership of allegedly paying bribes to Telangana Rashtra Samithi MLAs to bring them into their party. Along with this, he also demanded the arrest of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Manish Sisodia claimed that earlier such attempts were made by BJP in Delhi, Punjab and eight other states and this time BJP is playing this game in Telangana.
Sisodia said during the press conference, “The question is that in Telangana you are giving Rs 25 crore each to buy four MLAs, you arranged Rs 1075 crore to buy 43 MLAs.” Yes, who does this 1075 crore rupees belong to? Where did this money come from? Which MLA is being bought should be checked.
Along with this, Sisodia also made serious allegations against the BJP leadership during the press conference. Sisodia said, “There should also be an investigation as to whether the person who is taking this name, Santoshji, Amit Shahji, is Bharatiya Janata Party leader BL Santosh and whether Shahji is the country’s Home Minister Amit Shahji.” are If the Home Minister is Amit Shahji, then it is very dangerous for the country, because if the Home Minister of the country Amit Shah GB is conspiring to buy MLAs under BJP’s Operation Lotus, then it is very dangerous for the country. It is more dangerous. He said that the Shahji who is being claimed in it, if he is the Home Minister of the country Amit Shahji, then he should be arrested and questioned, I think the ED should investigate first. .
Sisodia further said that on October 27, some of you had reported that a raid had been conducted in Cyberabad and three brokers of Operation Lotus, who buy BJP MLAs, were caught with Rs 100 crore. have gone Sisodia alleged that the three pimps were caught running the BJP’s Operation Lotus. These three brokers are Ramchandra Bharti, Samaya and Nand Kumar. He alleged that these three people are trying to buy four TRS MLAs by paying Rs 100 crore. He was caught red-handed from a farmhouse in Telangana.
He alleged that the matter came to light on October 27 and these people were caught. Then the next day on October 28, his full audio came out about how these people were trying to break other MLAs especially by talking to TRS MLA Ramchandra Bharti.
The Aam Aadmi Party leader said that the most shocking thing in this entire conversation was that the broker who bought the MLA from BJP clearly told the MLA to tell him the name of the MLA. , bringing him more marks than BL Santoshji. 2 and after that your deal will be final. BL Santoshji is known to everyone, after which he further explains about pimp number two that he is the home minister of the country, Amit Shah. After that the pimp also says don’t worry about both CBI and ED after that, we will see them, we do it in such a way that whoever comes with us, CBI and ED. Remove DK cases.
Sisodia said that today again a new audio has surfaced, this audio is also of the conversation between the Telangana MLA and the broker of Operation Lotus. In this audio also BJP pimps are luring the MLA there and saying come with us and here he revealed that we have tried in Delhi also and are still trying. Here they say that we are trying to break 43 MLAs of Delhi means they have collected money to break 43 MLAs of Delhi.
This is proof that an attempt is being made to buy the MLA by collecting thousands of crores of rupees. They have tried this in 8 states and now they are doing it in Telangana, so they are exposed.


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