Uttar Pradesh: A case of forced conversion came to light in Meerut, allegation of conversion to Christianity in exchange for help during the Corona epidemic

Meerut: The Uttar Pradesh Police on Friday registered a case of alleged forced conversion in Meerut following a complaint by a local BJP leader. In fact, nine people are alleged to have been forced to convert to Christianity in exchange for helping people in the lockdown during Covid. A police complaint filed by one of the slum dwellers said the accused encouraged church visits and forced the slum dwellers to break idols of Hindu deities.
During the Covid lockdown, slum dwellers could not move out of their slums and were worried about running their homes. The complainant told police that people living in buildings in the area offered him food and money for household expenses. However, those who had helped began to tell him that there is only one God – Jesus Christ – and asked him to go to church and pray to him. The report said that the complainants were asked to stop Hindu worship. Pray to God and Christ alone.
“They also forced us to change our names in our Aadhaar cards. When we were celebrating Diwali, these people barged into our homes and tore pictures of Hindu deities and said, ‘Now we have Christ,'” alleged the complainant. should be asked.” We must pray. We have changed our religion.” On protesting, the alleged intruders started demanding Rs 2 lakh. They brought knives and sticks and threatened to kill us if we contacted the authorities, the complaint added. Claiming that they were fraudulently converted to Christianity, the complaint claimed that all were “Sanatan Dharma (Hindu)” and urged the police to take appropriate legal action.


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