Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land is illegal, the silence of the international community has weakened international laws: United Nations

The United Nations has said Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land is “illegal and must end as a precondition for Palestinians to exercise their right to self-determination.”
According to Arab News, according to a report of the United Nations published on Thursday, the settlement of the land of Palestine cannot be identified separately from colonialism.
Francesca Albani, the author of the report and UN Special Representative on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory since 1967, called for the use of correct language and correct approach in matters related to the Israeli occupation and support for the right of self-determination of the Palestinian people. .
Speaking at a briefing at the Foreign Press Association in New York, legal scholar and human rights expert Albani said the report is comprehensive and takes a holistic approach to international law issues.
The report calls for “a paradigm shift” away from the narrative of “conflict” between Israel and Palestine and recognition of Israel’s “deliberate and oppressive settlement occupation”.
Albani also questioned the silence of the international community on the issue of Palestine.
“What is difficult for people to see that the land is occupied by 55 years of brutality, occupation and the presence of the army,” he said.
Francesca Albani added that the ‘immunity’ granted to Israeli authorities, especially by Western countries, undermined the force of international law and set a negative precedent. It has encouraged violations of international law on a regular basis.
Albani criticized Western states for refusing to recognize the reality of Palestinian life.
He described the behavior of Western states in support of Israel’s occupation and actions as a form of ‘fraternalism’ and ‘protectionism’.
“We are still at ground zero in terms of moving forward on this issue and the occupiers have become more bloodthirsty,” he said. However, Albani said that this cannot last forever. I’m sure it will come to an end.


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