Now Vande Bharat Express collides with bull: Incident happened at Atul railway station in Gujarat, then front part of train broken!


Mumbai : 29 October
The country’s fastest train, Vande Bharat, again became a victim of an accident on Saturday morning. This accident happened in Gujarat, when the bull came in front of the train going from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Due to this the front part of the train broke. However, after halting for half an hour, the train was re-scheduled. Vande Bharat has hit cattle thrice so far in October.

According to media reports, the incident happened around 8 am, when Vande Bharat Express was passing through Atul railway station in Valsad. Then a bull came in front of him. Due to its collision, the front part of the train broke. After the incident, the train stood at the station for about 26 minutes, after which it was dispatched.

Vande Bharat Express collides with cattle herd
22 days ago on 7 October, the Mumbai Central-Gandhinagar Vande Bharat Express collided with the cattle. According to the information, while going from Gandhinagar, the cow came in front of the train near Anand station in Vadodara section, due to which there was a minor dent in the front part of the train. However, after stopping for 10 minutes, the train was re-scheduled.

collided with a herd of buffaloes on 6 October
On 6 October also Vande Bharat Express train collided with a herd of buffalo near Ahmedabad railway station. Four buffaloes were killed in this accident. In this, the front part of the Vande Bharat Express train was broken. The train was re-scheduled at 11:27, about 8 minutes after the carcasses of the buffaloes were removed from the track. The Railway Protection Force had registered an FIR against the owner of the buffalo.

Wheels of Vande Bharat Express jammed
On October 8, there was a sudden failure in the Vande Bharat Express going from Delhi to Varanasi. According to the information, the wheels of the train got jammed after a technical fault. Due to this the train stayed at Khurja station for about 5 hours, after which the passengers were sent by Shatabdi Express.

Vande Bharat Express is the country’s first high speed train
The country’s first high speed train Vande Bharat Express is currently running on three routes. Vande Express service has started from Delhi to Varanasi, Delhi to Katra and just on 30th September from Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat to Mumbai. Vande Bharat Express is the fastest train in the country. It has a speed limit of 180 kmph. In the next few months, it will start running at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Special care has been taken for the safety and comfort of passengers in Vande Bharat Express. It has been fitted with a reclining seat. It is equipped with an automatic fire sensor. It also has three hours of battery backup in the upgraded train with CCTV cameras, WiFi facility.


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