Madhya Pradesh: Bajrang Dal leader allegedly showed “fear of Muslims” and bought several acres of land from farmers at cheap prices

BHOPAL : Until a few days ago, Khargaon in Madhya Pradesh was in the headlines due to riots, but you will believe that Khargaon has set a unique example of brotherhood. A Bajrang Dal leader allegedly bought several acres of land from farmers in the name of a Muslim organization. Later the name of the organization and the land changed. However, the organization says that he has not done anything wrong and that he is doing social service. A registered organization recognized by the Government of India Prof. Board of PC Mahajan Foundation is installed in Dabria village of Khurgaon. By the way, until a few years ago, its name was organization Zergheez. In 2007 the name of the board was changed and the story began. The people who then sold the land to Sargah Zarkhiz alleged that they were told that a Muslim cemetery would be built here. There are a large number of Muslims living around, so it will be difficult for them to live. Now those farmers are feeling cheated.
Nand Kishore, who lives in Rajpura, says that his land was next to ISKCON temple, I sold all the land, he paid only 40 thousand rupees for it. They say that a person named Zakir came to us, he started saying that he has bought the land around you. He said – a cemetery will be built here for Muslims, sell your land, otherwise it will be surrounded. Did not pay full price. I had given 40 thousand rupees, but the rest of the money was not given, now I don’t have land, they took it all. Ram Narayan, who lives there, says, “Dilal Bablu Khan used to come in 2004-05. Bought a motorcycle from my elder brother, then took our land at a low price. The registry, which was in English, spread the illusion that Muslims would come.” “Frightened, we sold the land. Muslims were coming to us, so we thought they would settle down. Do you know the businessman who bought the land or who bought it? Deepak Kushwaha is also a farmer by profession. He said that Bablu Dalal is coming. He said that a Muslim institution is being built. We thought where to stand in the debate, we had 9 acres of land, sold that too. Not only small farmers. Businessmen like Sanjay Singhvi also sold agricultural land there. Relatives sold land there, they say, under pressure they had to sell land too. Although they say they got a good price, they said the land there Seeing the name organization fertile, our relatives thought that Hajj committee will be formed, Muslims will settle, they sold the land in panic. Finally, we sold our land on the advice of him and Bablu Dalal. .
When NDTV visited the organization’s office, director of the organization Ravi Mahajan said that all the work has been done according to the law, the poor have got houses here, the organization has managed the water here. He also elaborated on his vision of 200 acres that he aims to transform the Khandav forest into an Indira Prastha. Here we also met 58-year-old Zakir. Zakir was a manager in the organization when the land was purchased in the name of the organization Zarkhiz. In 2014, he applied that he had no objection to changing the name of the institution, and was no longer associated with the institution.
Mahajan said, “There was no water till 700 feet, here we created water, I am inspired by Anna Hazare, Baba Amte, we also thought to make Greenland here, it was to give a message to the society. I You have given a list of people who are non-cultivators, traders, officers… to scare them… this is misleading propaganda. When asked, he said that we felt that the organization did not understand the meaning of society, so we changed the name, while Zakir Sheikh said that I understood the purpose of the organization to be how to open a scenic school. Here it is a social service work. I joined the organization.
We saw the campus, there was greenery, people’s houses were built, but we didn’t get any clear response from the organization called PC Foundation. Ranjit Dundir was earlier the Provincial Convener of Bajrang Dal, later became the Chairman of the Co-operative Bank. Now in the BJP, Dandair says, “He raised the CC limit of the organization, then became president to do social service. My name is being thrown around because Ranjit Dandair is a big name. I have been jailed seven times. Gaya…murder case against me…my whole life has been spent for Hindu society…there is a problem in the cow barn in Khargaon, then I have no direct connection with the name we linked earlier. , I don’t think there is any problem. The matter has reached the Additional Collector’s court as well. Sudhir Kulkarni, who is fighting the court case, is himself a Sangh activist for 30 years. He said, “In 2005, BJP MLA Babulal Mahajan had voiced that this was going wrong. In 2017, I filed a claim that crores of stamp duty was stolen. Tehsildar had wrongly nominated, now we will apply under Section 80 to confiscate all these properties, while the in-charge officers are sitting they are selling the land. We tried to contact the collector in this matter but he did not respond. The question still stands, was there a need to change the name to do social service?


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