Future Investment Initiative :Israeli bank also signaled investment


The Chairman of Israeli Bank Leumi Lee has said while participating in the Saudi Investment Conference that there is a great potential for investment in Saudi Arabia. By saying this, the Israeli bank has given a positive signal regarding investment in Saudi Arabia. Samer Alhaj Yahya is an Israeli Arab and he is mainly related to Tayyaba. He is involved in the ‘Future Investment Initiative’ organized to attract investors in Saudi Arabia. His Israeli bank is a major lending bank for investment. “We can see that there is a lot of investment going on here, we would like to be a part of that investment, whether it is in the form of investment or in the form of cryptocurrency,” said the chairman of the Israeli bank. Whether our potential investment is in microservices or cloud, we would love to invest in it, the head added.
It should be noted that Saudi Arabia and Israel do not have formal diplomatic relations. However, Israeli Arabs come to Saudi Arabia to pay Hajj. Samar al-Haj Yahya is also one of these Israeli Arabs. Arabs make up twenty percent of the Israeli population. However, his participation in the investment conference is not as a Muslim but as the head of an Israeli bank.


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