Airfare triples on Chhath festival, making it difficult for the common man to travel

New Delhi: During Chhath Puja, the fare of flights to Patna, Gaya, Darbhanga, Banaras has increased up to three times. Air was the last resort for those who missed out on train tickets, but the rise in fares has forced well-to-do people to cancel their journeys.
Today the fare from Delhi to Gaya by flight has become Rs 16000. Delhi to Darbhanga fare has reached Rs 18000. Delhi to Patna has become Rs 17800 and Delhi to Varanasi Rs 17000. Along with this, on October 29, Delhi to Darbhanga has become Rs 13000, Delhi to Gaya Rs 10000, Delhi to Patna Rs 10000, Delhi to Varanasi Rs 9000. On normal days the fare is a maximum of Rs 5000.
Don’t ask for train tickets yet, the stations are quite crowded. Sleeper class travel is worse than general class. Don’t worry about the general coach. Due to the increase in air fare, the problems of the people have increased. Let us tell you that due to dynamic rent the rent has gone up a lot. Similarly, fares have also increased in railways. Due to dynamic fares fares are increased according to demand.


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