Karnataka: Communal clashes continue in Shimoga, JDS accuses BJP MLA Eshwarappa of conspiracy

Bangalore: Violence continues in Shimoga district of Karnataka after communal tension. Meanwhile, the war of words has also started between the politicians. While the opposition parties are accusing the ruling BJP leaders of spreading communal tension in the district for electoral gains, the BJP is also blaming the opposition. In this episode, JDS has accused BJP MLA and former minister Eshwarappa of spreading communal tension.
JDS state president CM Ibrahim alleged that BJP MLA and former minister KS. Aishwarapa has ignited a communal fire in Shimoga. He said that Eshwarappa is responsible for the killings in Shimoga. Eshwarappa is afraid of defeat in the upcoming assembly elections, hence such disturbing events are taking place. He said that Chief Minister Biswaraj Bomai should control them.
After the killing of Bajrang Dal activist Harsh in February, there have been incidents of communal violence in Shimoga town. Meanwhile, Eshwarappa said miscreants are indulging in violence, a peaceful Hindu community is unable to tolerate. He warned that the Center should give him a befitting reply otherwise the Hindu community would be forced to retaliate. On Tuesday’s attack on Hindu activist Prakash in Shivamogga town, Eshwarappa said the accused should show his family members the right path.
A group of miscreants threatened the family of Bajrang Dil activist Harsh and attacked Prakash with stones, Eshwarpa said. Muslim goons are trained to target Hindu workers. They attacked Harsha and killed him. He said that Prakash managed to escape easily. If these miscreants are shot or hanged, only then will they have something to fear. He said that some Muslim goons are disturbing the peace of the society. Eshwarappa said that I will request the Union Home Minister in this regard.


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