Bhopal Gas Accident: The atmosphere was similar to 1984, when chlorine gas leaked, people fled the town

Bhopal: 15 people were admitted to hospital after chlorine gas was released in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday night. A stampede broke out in Mother India Colony due to a gas leak, people started running away from their homes. Many people spent the whole night inside or outside their relatives’ houses in other parts of the city. Due to the gas leakage, the throat and eyes of the people living there started to get irritated. Many people also had difficulty breathing. Also, some people complained of vomiting.
The accident occurred when water was being purified in the Eidgah water filter plant. The administration says that this is a minor incident and the situation is now fully under control.
The accident reminded the people living in the township of the Bhopal gas incident in 1984. When thousands of people lost their lives due to the release of poisonous gas and thousands of people are still fighting the diseases caused by it.
A gas leak on Wednesday night witnessed a scene similar to that seen during the 1984 gas tragedy. When the people living in the settlement came to know about this and started getting worried, there was chaos and people locked their houses and ran away. Local people said that the whole settlement has been emptied, people have left here.
Rubina B, who lives there, said that foam is coming out of the drain. Foam was coming out of the taps. My son was running with everyone. He himself got gassed. His eyes widened. He was feeling very anxious. He was taken to the hospital when he became unconscious.
Another resident, Shafia, said that her throat and eyes were burning, she was vomiting, then she started suffocating. They were staying, the whole town became empty.
A person who lives there said that when I passed by here, I started crying, coughing. There was also difficulty in breathing. It was like a gas accident in 1984.
Talking about the gas leakage, engineer Sudhir Kumar said that when the cylinder is exhausted, we insert a new cylinder through this process. By 10.30, we had installed a new cylinder. At that time the cylinder was working fine. Worked fine until 5pm. It was then when we went for a routine check-up that the leakage was detected. Soon after that we started work to stop the leakage. This was reported to the higher authorities. After that a team of experts reached there and controlled it.
District Collector Avinash Lavinia said that while cleaning water at the Eidgah water filter plant, chlorine gas accidentally leaked from the cylinder, causing panic among the residents of the area.


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