Why the image of ‘Ganeshaji’ on the currency of Muslim majority country Indonesia?  what is the truth?

New Delhi (Qaumi Awaz) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has started a new controversy by demanding to print the image of Lakshmi-Ganesh along with the image of Mahatma Gandhi on the Indian currency. The reaction of the political leaders to their demand is also coming out rapidly. In the meantime, the question is being raised in the mind of many people, what is the reality of Ganeshji’s image on the Indonesian currency mentioned by Kejriwal during his statement!
In fact, Arvind Kejriwal has said in his statement that “Indonesia is a Muslim country.” There are 85 percent Muslims and only 2 percent Hindus. But there is a picture of Shri Ganesh ji on the currency. I appeal to the Prime Minister to put the pictures of Ganeshji and Mata Lakshmi on the newly printed Indian notes. Is. There are many rumors about it, although it is difficult to say anything with certainty.
It is worth noting that the Indian currency is called the Rupee, while the Indonesian currency is called the Rupiah. The 20,000 rupee note in Indonesia has a picture of Lord Ganesha on one side and a picture of a classroom with a teacher and some students on the other side of the note. The teacher whose picture is on the note is Indonesia’s first Minister of Education Hajar Dewantra.
Let us now try to understand why the 20000 rupee note has a picture of Ganeshji. It is said that parts of Indonesia were once ruled by the Chola dynasty. Many temples were also built there. Lord Ganesha’s recognition as the god of knowledge, arts and science may be the reason for his presence on the 20,000 rupee note. By the way, Hinduism is included among the 6 religions officially recognized by the Indonesian government. The influence of Hinduism in Indonesia can be seen on many things. For example, the mascot of the army there is Hanumanji. A famous tourist spot in Indonesia has statues of Arjuna and Shri Krishna as well as statue of Ghotukkach.
It is also worth mentioning that a few years ago the condition of Indonesia’s economy became very bad and the national economic thinkers there after much deliberation issued a new note of 20000 thousand and published the image of Lord Ganesha on it. What did People believe that since then the economy there has strengthened.


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