The Palestinian people should turn their villages and cities into fortresses: Khalid Meshaal

Khalid Meshaal, head of Hamas’s political department abroad, has expressed mourning over the martyrdom of five Palestinian resistance fighters who were martyred early in the morning in Nablus. The occupying Israeli army martyred these Palestinian resistance fighters and injured many Palestinians during an operation early in the morning on Tuesday.
On Tuesday, Khalid Meshaal has said in a newspaper statement that after these crimes by the Israelis, it has been proved once again that resistance only means to clash with Israel and that is what is needed. He said that the occupying Israeli army has intensified its operations against the Palestinians before the Israeli election in order to make the killing of the Palestinians a ladder for the success of the elements involved in the government.
The Palestinian leader said they should be aware that the blood of Palestinian martyrs will bring the goal of freedom closer. Despite all this cruel killing and torture, the journey of freedom will continue.
The ongoing sieges, arrests and operations by the Israeli occupying forces in Jenin and Nablus will serve as an opportunity to intensify the Palestinian resistance and struggle.
Khaled Meshaal added that the martyrdom of the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli army only leads to the increase of the resistance and the strengthening of its spirit. He appealed to the Palestinian people to turn their villages, towns and cities into strongholds of resistance until the goal of independence is achieved.


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