The dirtiest person in the world “Amo haji” passed away, he had not bathed for the last 50 years

Iranian state media reported on Tuesday, October 25, that Amo Haji, an Iranian man who had not bathed for decades, died at the age of 94. He was also called the “dirtiest man in the world” because he avoided bathing for more than half a century.
According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, Amu Haji had neither bathed nor used soap for more than half a century. He lived a solitary life and “died on Sunday in Dejgah, a village in Iran’s southern Fars province.”
The news agency quoted a local official as saying that Amuhaji used to avoid bathing for fear of “getting sick”. However, “for the first time a few days ago” the villagers forcibly took him to the bathhouse for bathing.
The villagers often pressured them to take bath, but none of their efforts were successful. But a few days ago some people tried to give him a bath by force and local media say that Amu Haji finally succumbed to the pressure and was given a bath.
According to Arna, he fell ill after this bath and died on Sunday.
According to Iranian media, a short documentary was also made on his life in 2013 titled “The Strange Life of Amu Haji”.
Amu Haji was a Tarak-ud-Duniya or corner man and lived in the southern province of Fars, Iran. In an interview given to Tehran Times in 2014, he said that his favorite food is a wild porcupine.
They said that they often live in a hole in the ground or the neighbors of Dijgah village have built a brick hut where they sit up. He had said that he suffered a rare “emotional shock” as a child, which left him alienated from the world.
According to Iranian media, his skin was covered with “soot-like ink and pus” from years of not bathing. Their diet included rotting meat while they drank water from an old oil can, which was usually unclean.
He was also fond of smoking and many times he would smoke several cigarettes at the same time. According to the Iranian News Agency, efforts to provide clean water for bathing or drinking only made them sad.


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