Andrew Tate, a famous American boxer of British origin, converted to Islam

British-American former kickboxer and controversial personality of the Internet world, Andrew Tate, has accepted Islam. Pakistan’s daily Jang has reported this. According to the news, Andrew Tate shared the news of his acceptance of Islam on his social media account, Twitter. It should be noted that Andrew Tate is quite famous for his inappropriate, bad behavior on social media, he is also considered a controversial figure in the Tik Tok world because of his negative behavior. Andrew Tate started this week, 24 Announcing his conversion to Islam on his Twitter account in October, he also shared a video in which he can be seen praying in a mosque.
35-year-old Andrew Tate wrote in the caption of his video that the love of Allah is the strength of the heart, the sustenance of the heart and the light of the heart. In his recent statement, Andrew Tate had to say that he is a Muslim. And any Christian who believes in good and understands the real war against evil should convert too. It should be remembered that earlier American former kickboxer Andrew Tate declared Islam as the last and true religion of the world and now he has confirmed the news of accepting Islam while praying, according to daily Jang, former kickboxer Andrew Tate. says that women should be confined to the home only, women should not even be allowed to drive. According to Andrew Tate, women are the property of men.
Andrew believes that 18- to 19-year-old female rape victims should take responsibility for their rape. In videos posted by Andrew on social media, he portrays himself as a Boy (Depraved Men) has also been presented. In these videos, Andrew is seen posing with modern cars, guns, and smoking cigars. It should be noted that Andrew Tate’s social media accounts are currently banned. , only his Twitter account is active.


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