Hairdressing of women lawyers is offensive to the court?

MUMBAI: A notice from the Pune district court hit the headlines when senior advocate Indira Jai ​​Singh shared it on Twitter. In the notice, it was written that it is constantly being seen that women lawyers do or trim their hair in the open court. Due to which the functioning of the court is disrupted, they are directed to refrain from such actions.
An official attached to the registrar’s office said, “The notice was issued only to maintain the decorum of the courtroom. It has been withdrawn to avoid any controversy.”
Sharing the note, Indira wrote – Wow! Now see who is wandering because of women lawyers and why? The notice was pasted in the court on October 20. However, it was withdrawn after protests. On Tuesday, Indira Jai ​​Singh tweeted about it again.
Pune Bar Association President Advocate Panduring Thorey has said that his office has not received any such notice. “All notices issued to lawyers are sent to the Pune Bar Association, but till date we have not received any such notice,” Thorey said. However, the notice was immediately withdrawn after objections were raised on Saturday.
In February this year, Justice Rekha Palli was hearing a case in the Delhi High Court and lawyers were calling her head. Rekhapalli objected to this and said that he is not the head. Fed up with this repeated incident, the judge stopped the senior lawyer and said that I am not the head. I hope you can see this. On which the lawyer apologized to Tapak. However, the story did not end here, the lawyer added, “You are sitting in such a chair that I have said this.”


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