This is not the country where I was born: Najeeb Jung

New Delhi: Former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung said while talking to NDTV that we are going to make our country. This is not the country I was born in. What do wrongdoers want to make of this country? He asked if they don’t think that who will benefit from speaking ill of each other? Genocide, rape, shooting, dismemberment. If the police are removed for 15 minutes, I will see everyone. Is it the language of humanity and civilized society?
The former lieutenant governor said that after the Supreme Court’s comment, it is now the duty of the police to act on it. Political parties also have a responsibility that their workers do not talk like this. Those who use such language should be expelled from the party and legal action should be taken against them. Najeeb Jang said that we have to work together otherwise the society will break.
He said that our women need to fight. It has been proved in CAA. In Iran too, women are leading the movement. At the same time, he said on the issue of Rishi Sonik that this is a big moment for all of us. The people of the country have proved it in every country. The CEO of every sector belongs to India, told the British that now is our time. Now our man is your ruler. You made a mistake in 2 years now you are dependent on an Indian.


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