Bangladesh: Cyclone Sitrang caused heavy destruction, nine people were killed

Sitrang hit the coast of Bangladesh on Tuesday. The storm destroyed several houses, uprooted trees and disrupted power, road and communication links.
More than a million people in southern Bangladesh were forced to leave their homes and seek shelter in safe places to avoid the devastation of Cyclone Sitrang, officials said.
He said that the mass evacuation has helped save lives, but the precise assessment of casualties and damage will be possible only after communication links are restored.
Cyclone Sitrang entered Bangladesh from the Bay of Bengal with winds of 88 km/h and sea waves up to three meters inundated low-lying coastal areas.
Heavy rains are falling in most of the cities of this South Asian country due to the cyclone. The capital Dhaka and cities like Khulna and Bari Sal were flooded.
About 33,000 Myanmar refugees have been told to stay inside their homes. These refugees have been kept on an island in the Bay of Bengal that is prone to frequent hurricanes. However, according to the authorities, there is currently no information about the death or financial loss of any of the refugees.
Due to Sitrang, the neighboring Indian state of West Bengal has also been affected. Thousands of people in the state have been shifted to more than 100 relief centres.
In recent years, the severity of weather has been increasing in South Asia due to which a lot of human and financial losses have to be incurred.
Experts have warned that densely populated countries such as Bangladesh may face further devastation due to climate change.
It should be noted that in 2020, more than 100 people were killed in Bangladesh and India due to the ‘super cyclone’ Amphan in the Bay of Bengal and millions of others were affected.


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