Madrasahs cannot be proved illegal by survey, Madrasahs are running under Article 30 and registered society, not all Madrasahs are required to be registered with the board: Chairman UP Madrasa Board


 Lucknow (Muhammad Amir Nadvi) The process of surveying madrasas in Uttar Pradesh is almost complete, but the debate about the legality and illegality of madrasas is not stopping. Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Board Chairman Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Javed has clarified that on the basis of the survey no madrassa can be called illegal, nor can action be taken against any madrassa. He said that all Madrasahs in the state are running under the rights given in Article 30 of the Constitution and registered societies, therefore it is not mandatory for Madrasahs to be registered with the Board. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Javed, chairman of UP Madrasa Education Board, while speaking to Inqlab, said that I am making it absolutely clear that a survey cannot prove any madrassa as illegal, nor is this the purpose of the survey, nor It is intended to take action on a seminary based on the survey. He said that all madrasas are running legally. On this question, on what basis are talks about the illegality of madrassas being made? He said that all Madras come under the category of Islamic education. In Article 30 of the Constitution, the minorities of the country have been given the right to open their own religious educational institutions. All madrasas are run under registered society; So they are completely legal. He said that as far as registration is concerned, Madrasah Board registers Madrasahs on its own terms, Madrasas of Madrasa Board can teach the board’s own curriculum, while institutions like Darul Uloom Deoband and Darul Uloom Nidwat Ulama have their own curriculum. Yes, Madrasahs affiliated to them do not need registration. At the same time, he said that many important institutions like Darul Uloom Deoband are not only educating a large number of students, but also spreading their concern to the whole world, this is a big thing. He said that those madrasas who want to register with Madrasa Board, we will approve them. Regarding the number of madrasas, he said that a survey of 7,500 madrasas has been done so far. There are 450 madrasas in Bijnor, 386 in Basti, 281 in Gonda, 270 in Deoria, 258 in Saharanpur, 244 in Shamli, 240 in Sant Kabir Nagar, 222 in Muzaffarnagar, 185 in Siddharth Nagar; But this number is not final. The actual number and situation will be clear after receiving reports from all districts.


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