Google fined 16 million dollars

New Delhi : The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has accused the technology giant Google of colluding with smartphone makers to ensure the dominance of its apps in the market. It has been making unilateral agreements.
The CCI on Thursday, October 20 ordered Google to immediately change its approach regarding its Android platform. The agency fined the American tech company 161.95 million US dollars, or about 13.5 billion rupees, for practicing anti-competitive practices.
The CCI says Google is “misusing” its Android operating system licenses for a number of smartphones, web searches, browsing and video hosting services.
It said that Google is forcing agreements with many companies in the market to ensure that its apps like Google Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps and others are used.
The CCI has also barred Google from certain revenue-sharing agreements with smartphone makers, alleging that in such ways, “Google specifically helped secure its search service and has It did so by completely isolating itself from the competitive market.”
The statement added that Google’s conduct was stifling competition, giving the company continued access to user data as well as lucrative advertising opportunities.
“Companies should be allowed to compete on the basis of merit and the onus is on the dominant player (in this case, Google) to conduct itself on merit,” the CCI said in a statement. Do not prevent the competitive process from taking place.”
The CCI has also asked Google not to force device manufacturers to pre-install its apps and should allow manufacturers and users to install apps of their choice during initial device setup.
US company Google is also facing several other antitrust cases around the world and now it will face tougher regulations in the tech sector in India as well. The watchdog is also investigating Google’s business practices in the smart TV market and payment systems for apps like ‘Google Pay’.
The investigation into Android began in 2019 when two individuals and a law school student filed a complaint.
Google is facing almost the same issue in the country as it is facing in Europe. There, too, regulators fined the company $5 billion for forcing manufacturers to pre-install its apps on Android devices.


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