The dead body lying in the ward for 6 hours, the innocent 2-year-old daughter kept trying to wake up by saying “Mother, mother”.

Mumbai: A case of negligence of a government hospital has come to light in Rajasthan’s Tonk district. Here, two children sat next to their mother’s dead body for 6 hours. The 2-year-old daughter assumed that the mother was sleeping and therefore kept trying to lift the blanket. A 3-month-old baby was playing next to the mother’s body on the same bed. Both were unaware that their mother was no longer in this world. In the ward where the dead body of a 20-year-old married woman was lying, many other patients were also admitted in the same ward. The body was lying on the adjacent bed for about 6 hours but no one bothered to take it out. From the hospital administration to the police, they were oblivious.
Meanwhile, the children’s nanny keeps telling them that mommy is sleeping, don’t disturb. Still, the 2-year-old girl repeatedly removed the blanket and called out for her mother and mother. When there was no sound for a long time, she started crying. Seeing this, the eyes of the other patients in the ward also became moist.
According to information, Kalu, a resident of Nagarfort in Rajasthan’s Tonk district, said that Shabana (20) was his sister. His in-laws are in Rewari, Haryana. Delivery was 3 months ago. Because of this, Shabana came to Nagarfort. On Friday night, he was having chest pain. On Saturday, the family was taking him to Kota to show him.
He came by auto from Nagarfort to Nainwan. Then sat in the bus. But Shabana’s condition started to worsen in the bus. In such a situation, they got down from the bus and brought Shabana to Nainwan Hospital around 12 pm. He died shortly after treatment.
The hospital staff then covered the body with a sheet. The body was lying on the bed for about 6 hours but no one bothered to take it out. After the arrival of the police, the body was shifted to the mortuary. It is not clear from what disease Shabana died.
The patients admitted to the ward and their families have repeatedly requested the Neenwan police constable posted here to conduct the post-mortem as soon as possible. But there was no hearing. Everyone was being gagged by asking the Nagarfort police to wait. Around 6.30 pm Nagerfort police reached the spot and removed the body from there and kept it in the mortuary. On the second day, Sunday, Shabana’s husband came. After that, the post-mortem of the body was conducted without the consent of the relatives.
According to the report, Shabana’s family works on daily wages. The family refused to conduct the post-mortem, saying that he had a stomach problem for some time. However, police said she was suffering from severe anaemia.


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