A cafe exclusive scheme in the UK! If you are rude to the waiter, you will be charged twice

Cafes give discounts on good manners: Often you have noticed that people in a restaurant or cafe are very polite. Showing love and respect to people is always appreciated, but there are some people who have a habit of speaking loudly or shouting. Meanwhile, a cafe in the UK is encouraging people to behave well by coming up with a unique scheme for its customers. There is a lot of talk about this scheme on social media these days.
In fact, a British coffee shop called ‘Chai Stop’ in UK has come up with a unique scheme for its customers, under which people are encouraged to behave well. Under this scheme, the cafe gives a discount to anyone who behaves well and those who misbehave have to pay double the bill. If seen, those who do not know the lesson of distinction, this cafe explains it in its own way.
Manchester Evening News reported that 29-year-old Usman Hussain opened a restaurant (Tea, Donut, Street Food and Dessert) in March this year, where he has done a great job encouraging people to behave well. What did If the customers who come to the cafe behave well, they benefit and those who talk loudly in the restaurant or misbehave with the attendants, suffer the consequences. The motive behind this scheme is to encourage people to behave well.
Usman Hussain’s inspiring idea came from a Facebook post about an American cafe that laid out the same rules a few years back. The photo remained in his collection for two years and recently decided to try it out at a tea stop.


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