Ramdev criticized Bollywood as well as Muslims and said: Salman is a drug addict, Aamir is not, God is the owner of actresses



Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said – Shah Rukh’s son was caught taking drugs, went to jail. Salman also takes drugs. It is not known whether Aamir takes it or not. The entire Bollywood is in the grip of drugs. Bhagwan is the owner of actresses.

Ramdev also attacked the leader of the Muslim League, Jinnah, saying that Jinnah also used to drink alcohol.

He said that in Islam, if someone drinks alcohol, he is said to have become impure, but Jinnah used to drink alcohol, he died… Well done. In Islam, there is strictness regarding alcohol, so the addiction of cigarette has prevailed there. Today, if there is any pure society in the entire country, it is only the Arya Samaj whose followers do not indulge in any kind of intoxicants.

Baba Ramdev was demanding to make the country drug free from the platform of Arya Samaj. He said that when a person who drinks alcohol is called impure in Islam, then you must be the offspring of Rishi Muni. Why can’t you give up alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and other addictive substances? Wherever Arya Veer Dil’s youth live in the country, they should campaign to end drug addiction.

Baba Ramdev began his speech by attacking drugs. The first attack he made was on Bollywood. Said- Big movie stars are taking drugs. The entire film industry, Bollywood is in the grip of drugs. You must have seen that Salman Khan’s son was caught taking drugs recently. He also went to jail.

When Baba Ramdev mentioned Salman’s name twice, the people around him corrected him that he is Shahrukh’s son and not Salman’s. After that, Baba Ramdev said that Shah Rukh’s child was caught taking drugs, Salman also takes drugs.

Baba Ramdev was addressing the Arya Veer Sammilan held at Buddhi Vihar Phase II behind Circuit House, Moradabad. He said that as soon as the election comes, some political parties start trying to divide the society into castes and sects. There is an attempt to create unity of OBC, Dalit, Adivasi, Muslim. But they will never succeed in their goal.

He said – there is only Arya Samaj, which does not discriminate. All castes are equal here. Arya Samaj is working to make the country caste free and equal. Arya Samaj is imparting all kinds of qualities to the people from morals and character.

Baba Ramdev said, change will not come from governance but from self-discipline. Arya Samaj teaches this self-discipline. Citing the example of Gujarat and Bihar, the yoga guru said that prohibition is not possible to get rid of drug addiction. In Bihar and Gujarat people are still drinking despite the ban on liquor. Self-discipline can only be achieved through self-discipline. I have also delivered Sadhus from chalam in Kumbh. I say to the sadhus, if you have given up all addictions and worldly attachments, why don’t you give up the chalam.


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