Amul has again announced the increase in the price of milk, the people are worried about the day-by-day inflation

New Delhi : Inflation is skyrocketing day by day and the worried public has been given a shock by the ‘Amul’ company once again announcing an increase in the price of milk. According to reports, Amul Dairy has decided to increase the price of milk by Rs 2 per litre. Amul has announced to increase the price of full cream milk from Rs 61 per liter to Rs 63 per litre. After this decision, the problems of the people who are already suffering from inflation have increased.
The statement of RS Sodhi, Managing Director of Amul Dairy has come out in this regard. He has said that in some parts of the country, the price of Amul Gold and buffalo milk has increased by Rs 2 per litre. According to Amul, the reason for the current increase is the increase in the price of ‘Fat’.
It is being told that Amul has surprised everyone by suddenly increasing the prices of milk. According to the news, in the morning, when the customers got the milk at an increased price, quarrels started among themselves. Notably, Amul Dairy had increased the prices of milk in the month of August itself. At the time, Amul cited rising costs as the reason behind the price hike.


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